Monday, September 30, 2013

No More Metal, No More Wax, No More Wires!!!!

No More Rubberbands,No Wax!! Hello Pink Sparkle Retainers!!!!
Check Out my Smile!!!

I’m so behind on my blogging. Truth is once you get back to your normal life after surgery you don’t have much time L I miss reading up on everybody’s blog.

Life has been good I am so wonderfully happy about my Jaw surgery. I remember writing in a older post of mine saying “I will be so glad when I get to the end of that tunnel, I feel like I will never get there”. Well I see I made it!!! I did itJ. Still I say I will never do it again not in a million years!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new SMILE!!!! I find myself smiling when I’m mad at times lol. My braces were taken off on 9/16/13 J I have permanent retainers at the bottom of my teeth and also a small one at the top of my teeth too. I went back on 9/23/13 to get my pink retainers that I only wear at night. I went to my regular Dentist and got my teeth cleaned they loved my new smile and look. I will go back in December to get them cleaned again and whitened. My orthodontist will check my retainers again in 2mths. October I will go back to my Jaw surgery doctor for another follow up appointment.

As far as my jaws go I hate to yarn because there is some clicking in my jaws when I do. I still do not have full feeling in my bottom lip or my chin. So when I smile to take pictures I sometimes have to fix my bottom lip because it looks crooked lol. O btw I am now 7mths post-op I had my jaw surgery 2/14/13 I will never forget that day sweet ol’ Valentine’s day J


Even though I will not be posting much you may still leave me any comments and questions I will be sure to get back with you!!