Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Follow Up Appointment 6!!

Hello blogger!!! Tomorrow I will be 7wks post op. Where has the time gone?? I must say healing gets better with time. I had my days when I thought I would not make it,thinking negative and crying and caring on like I did not have good sense lol. I have came along way!! I am now loving my look everyday I did not know that my face would change so much. I really love my nose I just think its so cute!!
I saw my oral surgeon today he said that everything looks so great to him and that my jaws are healed and that I could eat whatever I want to eat. I told him that I am nervous to eat and chew. He told me I shouldn't be because I am most definitely healed and that I should be enjoying my new teeth.I wanted to tell him easier said than done buddy. I also told him that my tooth in the back feels loose and hurts. He said that my tooth is sitting up higher than the other teeth in my mouth. Once my orthodontic Dr gets back to work on my braces he will fix this issue for me. I will see my orthodontic next Saturday I am very excited to meet back with him lol.My oral surgeon also said he is ready for my orthodontic to put me back in rubber bands uggggh did not want to hear that. I must say though the rubber bands that you wear for your braces are a lot better than those surgical rubber bands you wear after surgery!
From time to time I still have headaches.My jaw hurts after I talk to much and my face tightens up and hurts after I eat also.I still have pain in my face on each side where he broke the bones. I still can not feel my chin,bottom lip,gums/roof of mouth. I pray that this comes back very soon!!I still feel like I have swelling in my face although my Dr said I don't but I don't think he is right about that one.When my family looks at me they even say it looks like I have swelling still in my face. Like they say Dr's don't know everything!!!