Saturday, March 30, 2013

!!Week6!! Get Back In The Swing Of Things!!

Day 40 3/24/13
I had energy today I was very HAPPY.I must say I wish I felt as great as I look in my pics. lol
Well I am now 6weeks in post-op!!! I started back to work finally 3/28/13. So how did my first day go??? It went very well. Most of my co-workers that saw me where in shock of my new look. Some said I looked different and that they would have to get used to the new look,some said I look like a entire new woman. All in all I had  great comments and great support from my co-workers which really made my day go very well and fast!! I still do not talk and sound to great to be put back on the phones at this time. I wish I didn't have to go back to work until I could talk better and more swelling was out of my face,but sometimes in life you have to do what you have to do.Going back to work this week felt so odd to me it felt as if I was just starting a new job again lol. I will tell ya it truly made my day to have my co-workers say very nice things about the new me, because while I was away I worried about how people would take in my new look. Which I do know at the end of it all it does not matter what anybody thinks about you but GOD,ME,and MY HUBBY. Having a great support of friends,family and co-workers will make the recovery a lot easier.
At this time there is still know feeling in my chin,bottom lip,gums or roof of my mouth. I am still waiting for my nerves to wake up and say "HELLO". This is my week that my Dr said I could start chewing. Well I was all excited about this for many weeks but now that the day is here I'm to freaking scared to chew or bite anything. My hubby took me to AppleBees tonight well that did not go so well. For one when you cant feel your bottom lip and your teeth are still sensitive it really sucks!!!You feel like the entire restaurant is looking at you eat. I had my little small mirror on the side of me to keep watch just in case something hit my dead chin lol. I did not eat my entire meal it was too hard and I was just paranoid. My husband kept telling me to take my time and be careful. If I had really took my time to eat we would still be there now. So I ask for a go box to finish my food in the privacy of my home. I ordered a "HOT FUDGE SHOOTER" that was fudge and ice cream now I ate all of that it was easy.I'm still not really ready to go out to restaurants yet but hubby really wanted to get me out so what the heck huh??
April 2,2013 I will meet again with my oral surgeon follow up 6 I think. Somehow this week I manage to keep track of my stitches in my mouth then Friday morning I woke up they where gone so I wonder did I swallow them in my sleep???Well whatever I am just glad that they are out and the a Dr. wont have to take them out. I still hope the rest of the swelling in my face is halfway gone before summer time. When I look at my pics I feel like I look like a million bucks but I must say I sure don't feel that way as far as my energy and pain in the face goes. I get very tired if I do too much in one day,I still cant talk to much or my face hurts,I still get pain on the side of my face too. I really did not realize how serious/major this surgery was. Well I know now.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 5!! And It Just Keeps Getting BETTER !!!

Hello to all!! I am now on week 5!! It as been a journey for me and this ride is far from over.So I have a few updates to give you all for this week.
Monday I saw my orthodontics again they change my wires. I would not let them do too much because I still am sore. I will go back in 4weeks by that time I should be better off to let them put my power chains back on and close the small gap at the bottom of my teeth and I will go back to wearing rubber bands again ughhhh!!! They took my surgical wires off so I am no longer wearing the awful rubber bands that my oral surgeon had me in. My orthodontics loves my new teeth lol.
Tuesday I went to my oral surgeon follow up #5. Again he was so in love with the way things where looking and all he could say was this looks great and how happy he was with the outcome. Still NO chewing until next Wednesday. My stitches are very loose but he said that they are not ready to fall out just yet. I am still on track and that my tissue in my gums/around my stitches look great. He released me back to work next Monday even though I am not ready because of my breathing was still awful and still can not get any sleep. But he said that the more I get out and back to normal it will get better. I meet again with him on April 1st.
Wednesday I had enough so I meet with my reg DR. who gave me a steroid shot,antibiotic's,sudafed,sleeping pills.And told me to return to work on next Wednesdays. Now since he gave me that steroid shot I must say I am feeling little better now. I would prefer to go back to work Wednesday anyway, I think I have gotten spoil with being away from work for so long. I have been gone since 2/13/13 about a month and 7days I guess. Where has my time gone!!! I am just now starting to enjoy this lol.
Thursday which is today I got my hair did. I must say it has me feeling like a million bucks. People have been saying that I do not look that swollen at all. Trust me when I talk I feel puffy inside of my cheeks!! My friends say I look great and different,I have been told I look more like my mom, I have been told my face looks thinner!! I have been told I look so pretty. I must say my support of family and friends has made me feel really good. The biggest support of all is my Husband he has been great to me!! I think that I am looking much better even though I still have months of healing. I feel like something deep inside of me has change too not sure what it is but I know its something good. I have so much more I want to do now with my life!!
I have a father daughter dance that I have to get back to planning for my church. I am so looking forward to that.
O and my face is really starting to clear up folks really!! I am happy about that too. My aunt made me old time remedy of Ginger roots and lemon to drink this helps with arthritis's and inflammation and to also speed up recovery this too could also be wow my swelling in my face is going down faster.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Its Been 1 Month TODAY!!!! WOW O WOW

WOW O WOW I cant believe time as flown by so fast. My surgery was 2/13/13. I remember when I was waiting for it to get here now its here and gone bye bye. I must say I am very happy with the way my teeth now look and I wish I would of did the surgery 2yrs ago.

So yesterday I went to my dermatologist to see about my face.Showed her where all the little bumps came around the bottom of my mouth and chin, also how the bottom of my face is very itchy too. Of course she said the surgery did mess with my face. I can not remember all the fancy words she used lol. She did give me a steroid cream to use in the morning only and this other cream at night. She also told me use nothing else on my face but this for 6weeks then we will meet again to see how its looking. The DerMend cream CVS pharmacy had to order it and the cost was $32.00 I also see that it has some arnica oil in it too,so I hope that will help with the swelling in my face. The steroid cream I have is also suppose to help with swelling too. So I just started on both creams today so we will see how this goes.

I also took picture of the vitamins I am still taking everyday. They are liquids except the B-12 it is one that dissolves in your mouth cherry flavor very tasty too. I am 1 month after surgery and I do not have feeling in my bottom lip,chin,roof of my mouth nor gums around my teeth, Everyday I feel tingling in my bottom lip and a burning feeling . Chin itches at times and tingles too. So I'm praying that very soon this will all come back.

My breathing is still awful I wake up kind of crazy with a headache and a little pain in my face. I'm not getting much sleep at night because my nose is so stuffy. It's like know matter how much I blow my nose or use nasal spray nothing helps. Somebody told me it may be from the swelling and that's why I'm still stuffy. All in all I just pray that this is not something that I am stuck with. Because reading every one else's blogs that just had surgery they are doing fine with breathing.

I must say Thanks to GOD for helping me through my entire journey.I know that I complain Lord and it could have been worst but you kept me safe and you watched over me!!

 Thanks to my grandma and aunt who help me in the beginning of my recovery and a SUPER DUPER SHOUT OUT TO MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND he is the greatest waiting on me hand and foot taking care of all my needs!! I truly am blessed to have the worlds greatest husband ever!!

Thanks to all my friends and co-workers who text me daily checking on me and also ready for me to get back to work lol. Miss you folks also. C-YA SOON
Well on that note GOODNIGHT FOLKS!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

!!!Day 27 week 4!!!

Hello again nothing new to report. I return for my 5th follow up with my oral surgeon next Tuesday and next Monday I will meet again with my orthodontist. At this time I am still very stuffy I do ok for part of the day and then it is down hill from there. I cant sleep good I wake up in the middle of the night because I can't breathe. I have now taken all my meds the doctor gave me. I do not know what else to do. 
I am still very swollen as you can see in my pictures. When I talk I feel like I have rocks stuck in my cheeks lol. I will be so glad when my face looks normal again. I am ready to see the final results lol. One of my stitches fell out last week I am still waiting for the other stitches to come out. They all are very loose in my mouth and they itch my gums too if that makes any since lol.
My mouth still will not close I know that is because of the swelling my Dr said. I still do not feel my bottom lip or my chin. There is tingling and burning sensation in my lips everyday. I am still only taking liquid vitamin D3-calcium and B complex in hopes to speed up the nerve recovery.
I have an appointment set tomorrow with my dermatologist to see what has happen to my skin on my face. When my face first spread wide from surgery my skin has not been right ever since. There are little fine bumps around my chin and it is itchy sometimes my face feels tight and dry. So I hope that she can help me out with something,because my face was fine before surgery.
Other than that nothing great has took place lol. I will keep you guys posted on my face/skin issue lol
Goodnight !!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All Smiles Today Week 3 Day21!!!

OK so today was my 4th follow up with my oral surgeon and I will go back in 2wks from now. He said that everything is looking GREAT!!! I can blow my nose YAYYYYYYYYY. I can really breathe again. He does not want me to chew until my 6 week mark so I have 3wks left to go. Right now I'm so happy about being able to blow my nose I don't even care about chewing lol. I went to Wal-Mart and bought more Kleenex because I am going to have a blowing nose party!!!
I asked him did I still have swelling in my face he said that I do and that it could take months to go away. That sucks but its ok I guess, I really dont have much of an choice. I am now back to taking my vitamins I found some ok liquid vitamins to take so I kinda hope that will speed up my process on getting my nerves back in order. I miss feeling my bottom lip and chin and gums inside my mouth.
He wants me to do jaw exercises the more I do the more my mouth will open so starting today I'm on it!! I am a very happy camper right now. I still am wearing my rubber bands 2hrs in the morning and 2hrs in the evening and all night when I sleep.It feels so weird with having all my teeth touch like they should. I also asked him about my stitches coming out he said they will fall out when they are ready. I do see that they are very loose in my mouth when I brush my teeth and swish with mouthwash they get in the way I cant wait until they do fall out.
I will return back to work on March 25. Until then I am going to enjoy the rest of my time off and continue to ice my jaws and walk. I am very happy now that I can breathe better. He also told me I know longer have to sleep in the up position I can go back to sleeping how I want because I am not going to hurt anything inside of my face lol. YAYYYY HAPPY DAY FOR ME

Sunday, March 3, 2013


OK so early Sunday morning about1:00am I began to get stuffy again and frustrated AGAIN!!! I started to cry my eyes out!! Guess by now I am very frustrated with my diet and cant eat this and cant eat that,dealing with the fact that my mouth will not close like I want it to. Tired of being stuffy and sore on my lower jaw where the doctor took my bones out on each side. I'm just sick of it all!! Then I'm tired of the weather being too cold, thinking that I should have waited and had my surgery did this summer instead. I told my husband all of my issues of course he listen to me and said "I knew this would happen I tried to tell ya and you knew what you were getting yourself into,and you know that you would not heal overnight. I know you cant take pain but you are going to have to suck it up and keep moving on its going to get better".Well of course I did not want to hear nothing he had to say lol. Everybody that knows me knows that I am a big baby cant take pain and I am very impatient. I really don't see how I am going to manage having any kids. I am sure that having kids is just as worst as jaw surgery!Or is it? So I got back in the bed read others blogs to see if there is a light at the end of my tunnel. I know that it is but when will I get there? I want to feel my bottom lips again and chin!! Right now I feel as though I should have not did the surgery at all. I will be glad when I can get to the point in my blogs and I say HEY EVERYBODY I AM GLAD THAT I DID THIS. I'm sure I will feel different next week and my emotions are going to go back and forth like a see saw. Thanks for reading about my emotions lol.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

As time moves on ...DAY 18

Hello once again folks!!! It is day 18 time is moving but not fast enough for me. Well quick update on my healing process...I still can not feel my chin nor bottom lip,I am still very stuffy,I am starting to get fed up with the mushy food stuff lol. I still get tired quick when I am getting dressed to go anywhere. Last night I had energy to polish my nails kinda cute huh? Today I had know choice but to leave the house, my hubby took me to Wal-Mart for my eye exam. When I am on the computer or reading, things don't look so clear so I have to squint my eyes so finally the other night I got fed up and set an appointment for today. So I should get my glasses next week. We made a couple stops before going to my appointment and boy I tell ya as I sit in the car I promise ya it looks like everybody is staring at me!!!! For one I still cant close my mouth. When we went into Wal-Mart I was sure to make sure I kept my scarf around my mouth the entire time lmbo as I did not want the entire store giving me odd looks like "Hey why does that girl look like she is ready for war?" Other than that I have been good. The weather down here in the south is very much cold so I like to stay in the house until follow ups. Next week I have 2 appt Monday ortho and Tuesday oral surgeon not really looking forward to getting back in the cold but hey what am I to do? I really will be glad when my mouth will close and I can blow my nose lmbo. I sure cant wait until it warms up. Well I will be back to give another update on next Wednesday to let you know how both appointments went. Did I tell ya I think I did find me something new to add to my eating's "Tuna Fish" sounds good. I'm not really down for blending my foods yuck but if I get desperate enough I might.