Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2Mths Post -op/4Yr anniversary/7th Follow up WOW!!!

WELL WELL WELL...... What can I say it has been awhile since I have posted on here bloggers. I am so sorry. I'm here to tell you once you go back to work or school all the stuff you had time for while you where at home in healing mode you simply don't have time for once you get back into the groove of things.
I have been great I went back to work the last week in March. Not sure if I said this in my last blog or not but everyone said I looked great and different!! I am still getting use to the new me myself. I still do not have feeling in my chin,gums or the roof of my mouth. I can only open my mouth so far. I think I can stick 3 fingers in my mouth lol. I am still taking it easy when it comes to eating.
Today I went to my 7th follow up with my oral surgeon he said I am looking great and my smile is beautiful and that I still have a ways to go with my healing. At least 8-9mths from the day of my surgery before I will be at 100%. He also told me to keep a look on the front of my teeth he does not want that area to open if it does get back to him ASAP. I go back to my orthodontist May 13th yay!! At that time I will be 3mths post op my where does the time go?? At that appointment I'm sure he will do way more work in my mouth since I have been so sore every time he saw me I wouldn't let him touch much lol. 
At one point when I would talk it felt as I had cotton stuck in my mouth well not anymore. I feel much better when I talk now. I still have my days of when I talk too much my jaw hurts. I still get random headaches here and there too. My ears hurt at times also. Some days I feel like I am 100% healed then other days not so much lol.
Last Friday I did my churches 2nd Father-Daughter Dance we had a amazing time. I posted one pic-collage from that night so you could see what I wore. I had such a great time. My friends daughter dressed like me as you can see. It was a great night of fun. Today is May 1st  my 4year wedding anniversary I had a great day with my husband he is a great man I couldn't ask for better!! I thank GOD for allowing us both to live and see another year being married together. Since I had the 20lb weight loss from surgery I'm trying very hard to keep that up!! It is hard but I can do it I have to do it for my health lol. My husband is my biggest support system I have he tries hard to keep me on track and telling me"Kristie you don't won't to gain that weight back do ya?" LOL I sure don't!!
Some days I find myself looking at ME in the mirror and I just smile and smile and smile boy do I have a beautiful smile!!!!!! lol
Well until next time folks blog me up,write me,email me lol. I will try hard to post again soon or at least on my 3mth post op. I need to learn how to do a video blog!!!!

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