Saturday, August 10, 2013

Its Been A Long While!!!! But It'S COMING TO AN END!! YAYYYYYYY

Wow I know it has been sometime since I last wrote. I am here to tell ya after surgery is over and you get back to your normal life you simply just don't have time to post lol. I have been doing great!!! So much has taken place in my life since jaw surgery where do I start?........
Today 8/10/13 I went to my ortho Dr and he gave me great news that my braces will finally be off next month!!!! 9/13/13 is the big day. I have been in braces since wow July 2010!!!!! I am so happy and I cant wait. I noticed like 2 mths ago that my braces bother me a lot more now since I had jaw surgery hmmmm. I wonder why?? I want to my oral surgeon last month everything is still looking great on that end too. I will meet with him again in October. I have not been back to my reg dentist guess I will go back next month after my braces off!!! I need my teeth clean bad!!
I am almost 6mths post-op and I do not have 100% feeling back in my chin nor in my bottom lip that is very irritating I am still praying that I regain full feeling back. I do feel like cold and hot stuff its kind of weird to explain but its not the same yet. Like when I talk to people it always feels as if spit is running down my lips lmbo but its not.
I will say it seems as if only yesterday I was waiting to have the surgery done and that took for ever. Now I am months away from it. Will I do this again if I had to??? NOPE!!!! The pain was very very low but the worst part to me was the fact that I could not blow my nose for a very long time and it was so hard for me to breathe at night and my warm mist humidifier was not helping me at all!!I will say that I have gained extra extra confidence in myself since this surgery. I love to smile all the time now!! sometimes I just cant help myself I will go to a mirror and just say CHEESE ITS ME!!! I love the new me. Since I lost weight from my surgery it has also given me the boost to keep on with my work out so that I can loose more weight too. I have been working out hard to and I don't plan on stopping know time soon.
I have been back at church planning events last month we had a vow renewal celebration that was super amazing. The next thing up for me is to help with our 4th Women's Conference at church yay that is in September20-21. I won free tickets to go see Fantasia in concert on 8/25/13 I am so looking forward to that too!!! Well in the mean time and in between time its been nice having this blog to write down my jaw surgery journey and reading everybody else's blog too. The next update may just be when I get my braces removed. If you have any questions just post it below and I will get back with ya!!!


  1. You're too lucky!! I can't wait for mine to come off!

    1. Thank you!!! Your time will be here soon enough!!