Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day of Surgery and After I woke up 2/13/

After I woke up!!!!
Ok Im late on my blogging but these last days have been really hard for me  .I must say I do not want to have any other surgery this one here takes the cake. So the day of surgery was ok.Me and my grandma got there early @3:40 doors dont open until 4am so we finally Get In get me registered and from there we play the waiting game .It went really fast.Before i knewn it I was in the back and fast asleep. I dont remember much really.My dr came and ask me was I ready I told him yep. So now im awake and I see my husband  face I love him soo much.I did not wake up to any pain I know the pics look bad, but really no pain more of a aching feeling. I sat in Special icu forever because they did not have rooms ready took them to 6pm before they got me boy my hubby did not like that nor did my dr he was very upset that they did not get me upstairs sooner.So finally i'm upstairs and I can hardly breathe!!!!!! Cant really talk. My dr ask me how was I told him good.He stress to me how important it is for me to get plenty of fluids in me and start walking around the hospital or he would not send me home.Do you know how freaking hard it is to drink when you are swollen and can hardley open your mouth!!!!! Afraid that I was going to choke!! Then everytime I had to pee I had to hit button then they ask you what do you need, im like hellooooooo lady I cant talk just get over here. That night I slept 2hrs at a time ughhhhh felt like i was in prison. I did not want my head wrap on I did not want oxygen in my nose.I just wanted to b lft alone!!!!!!! Because everytime i had to pee I had to wait for nurse to get me then she had to unhook everything on me!!!! It is so much better being out of the hospital Freedom!!!!!! I do have a splint in my mouth I do not like. I can not feel my bottom lip its kinda weird too. I have been trying to drink as much as I can but its very hard to do when everytime you feel like you are going to choke to death. I have been walking around the house too. Im not allowed to drive for 5to7 days!!! I would love some real food right about now!!!! Well time to take my meds bloggers.I will be back I have nothing but time hehehe


  1. Hey Kristie. It's good to hear your surgery went well. It's a shame you are having a hard time of it. I think Isis common for jaw surgery patients to feel sad and angry afterwards for a week or two. I'm sure that very soon you will think it is the best decision you ever made :)
    I wish you a speedy recovery and lots of TLC from your hubby!

    1. Thanks so much!!!! I be glad when I get to say hey this was the best decision I made lol right now im upset! !!!