Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'M Ready To Be Normal AGAIN!!!!!!




Hello Blog buddies!!!So it has been 10days since surgery right!!!! I am so ready to be normal again I want my face to go bk down I want this splint out of my mouth!!!! I want to blow my nose like a normal person. I would like to eat some real food!!!! Again the only thing I have been eating is still BEEF AND CHICKEN BROTH,GRITS,MASHED POTATOES,APPLE SAUCE,WATER,OJ,GRAPE JUICE. I have lost weight went from 245lbs down to 229lbs. But I want some real food. I cant wait until Tuesday when I go for follow up 3 I pray that he will take the splint out of my mouth because every time I eat grits or something it gets stuck!! I still cant open my mouth very wide and trust me I am not going to force it.
I am sure enjoying this time away from work but at the same time I would like to enjoy going out the house other than to Dr appt and back home feel like I'm on house arrest or something. I must say I have the best family in the world and my HUSBAND has been taking great care of me since I have been back home but now he has been back to work and I miss him so much too!!! I am all alone until he gets home. Well down here in Alabama its been cold I will be glad when it heats up.I am sure glad that I did my surgery before the summer hits because that's when all the fun stuff starts lol. Now if I can just keep my weight going down I will be a hot lil something for my HUBBY well he loves me NO MATTER WHAT!!
So far the only thing I will still say till this date that I don't like about JAW SURGERY is having this splint in my mouth,also because I needed to spit and my spit has been extra thick yuck sorry folks and this thing gets in the way of it. #2 Blowing the nose if only I could blow my nose I could breathe much more better I just know I would. O and I'm tired of feeling like i stuff my cheeks with rocks. I will say GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME because I'm sure it could be a lot worst huh?? 
I will tell all of you I am doing much better than last week the week of my surgery. It does get better with time!! Guess I will take the rest of my Saturday and watch TV and walk around the house some more anything that will help get this swelling down o and I am loving my face caddy!!
One last thing I still cant feel my new chin and I can not feel my bottom lip. Some days I feel lots of tingling and I get this itchy feeling that of course I can not get to.


  1. Hey Kristie Chick :)
    Lookin good!
    You sound so much happier which is great. And your hubby sounds like a loving darling for taking care of you so much. Lucky girl :) please tell him I said hi and that I hope my guy takes care of me like that - if we haven't split up by then anyway :(
    Hope you try and stay positive about this and keep on recovering well. I'm so truly happy for you Kristie :) thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    1. Thanks Corrinne!!! I am happy i really am but i tell ya if only i could get some real food in me that would be great lol!!! Yes i have the best hubby in the world. And you and your guy are not going to break up stop it lol.

  2. My daughter just had this surgery (minus the chin part) on Sept 17th. She still cannot feel her bottom lip and she cannot close her mouth enough to keep her lips together because of the splint, so she is drooling a lot. Did you have this problem? Hoping it gets better for her soon. She has been crying a lot because she is supposed to go back to school in a week. I cannot fathom sending a 17 year old back to high school while they are continuously drooling.

    1. O wow yes TONIKA I sure did deal with the issue of not being able to close my mouth like normal for at least a month I did not drool that much. I did not even go back to work until end of March. I had splint in my mouth for at least 2wks if not 3 and I was not allowed to brush my teeth at that time either. Her dr may have to give more time off because that is too soon for her to go back to school. Even when I went back to work in March I still could not talk much they keep me off the phones for awhile. Sorry it took so long to write back. Any more questions let me know!!!!