Saturday, February 16, 2013

Going home2/14/13 and the next day 2/15/13!!!

Pic on the top shows when i was set free!!! Also it shows what i use to eat with also. Bottom pic is day 2 day 3 pics not much of a change if you ask me! After i was released from hospital on Thursday I had to go right to my oral surgeon office. He took off my rubberbands i was so happy then he showed me how to put em back on in a box shape ughhhh.Again he told me not to blow my nose, dont spit but swallow it yuck.cant remember what he said about my splint. I do remember telling him i cant breathe again but he told me my oxygen level is fine and im doing good.I will meet again with him on Next tue hope I get some good news!!!! Since surgery breathing has been awful for me , I am only sleeping for like 2hrs at a time then I wake up walk around the house and take hot shower.My warm mist humidifier has not been much help. O and taking medicines and drinking juice it takes me like hours to do. I so want my face bk to normal and my lips down. I really want some real food!!!!!! Im tired of broth yuck. I may try to eat some grits if my grandma fix for me. As far as the pain goes Im not having any so i have not taking any pain meds other than childrens advil for fever. I taken my bubblegum tasting antibiotic 4xs a day yum!!!So far the only thing I dont like about this surgery is my breathing that is awful. I told my grandma it feels like im going to stop and pass out she told me to just calm down lol. I keep walking around the house like dr said to do also. Im not going to lie and say I would do this over again because i wouldnt never!!!!!!!! The pain is more of an aching feeling thats all. Pictures make it all look bad really but its not,

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