Saturday, January 19, 2013

I thought that this was my last Ortho Appt!!! 2/18/13

Well I thought yesterday was going to be the last day that I saw my ortho Dr until after surgery but I was wrong. I will meet again with him for one last time so that he can put my hooks on my teeth for my surgery this will be done on 2/1/13. I am now 24 days away from surgery and I cant not wait for it  to get here. I'm looking forward to being off from work too lol. I'm still taking my vitamins (yayy me). I think the next thing that I will do is write down my list of concerns and questions for my oral surgeon and ask them when I go in on 1/28/13 to do my models. Then I meet back with my oral surgeon again for my final consult on 2/11/13. So in the mean time I'm just working and counting down the days!!!!

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