Saturday, January 26, 2013

Im almost done getting ready yayyyyyy

Hello Bloggers... Today I went ahead and bought all my foods and protein Drinks that I think I will need.Next week the Jaw party really starts lol.Monday 1/28/13 I will meet with my Oral Surgeon he will do my models.1/29/13 I meet with my reg. dentist and get my teeth cleaned yayyy.At this point I'm kind of excited and a inch of being nervous. I am still reading other peoples blogs and stories about thier jaw surgery experience and looking at others photos is very uplifting to me.Well until next time bloggers........


  1. Blimey Kristie! That's some haul! I bet it filled your car right up, I see you got a humidifier, I've been thinking about one of those. You will have to say if you think it makes much difference in your recovery :)

  2. I sure will I also ordered me a face caddy too lol my time is ticking down now lol when is your surgery?

    1. Your surgery is so close!! I'm having mine on March 4th. I was thinking about buying the face caddy too. Have you gotten it yet? You're having your surgery on the day I'm having my pre-op appointment!

    2. Hello Esmeralda I just ordered it last night im sure I should get it this week i hope lol. I have my appt tomorrow with oral Surgeon and he will do my models yayyyy then Tue I will get my teeth