Monday, January 28, 2013


1/28/13 Ok so today finally came and went. I meet with Dr. Koslyn my oral surgeon. So my appt was at 3:30pm I left work @ 3:15 little did I know that was not enough time. I was speeding down HWY/459 to my exit and I got there right @ 3:39 and do you think they got to me right away nope lol they saw me like 10min later but its all good right??I was out @ 4:30pm and back home took cook dinner in know time. So I got there they took my xrays and stuff, then I got in chair so that they could do my impressions and boy did that suck. They did like 3 of the top and bottom. They put this clay gummy stuff on a mouth piece and you have to bite down really hard and it was cold and it taste like old spoiled COLGATE TOOTHPASTE YUCK. So after they check with the Dr to make sure that it is good enough for him then they clean my mouth and they gave me some mouth wash and I rinse and I wait for my dr to come in and do his part. Dr. Koslyn comes in and he sticks this wax in my mouth and tells me to bite down on it really hard and leaves me there and then he comes bk what a yucky taste too. So next he takes my measurements with this funny thing that he tells me to stick in my ears the he places the other part on my nose and boy did they kind hurt(felt like he was about to break my nose) then he turns the screws on this thing that is connected to my ears,nose and so on lol. I really started to get nervous.Then finally ahhhhhhhhhhhh he takes it off and I say BOY IT ALMOST FELT LIKE I WAS IN THE MOVIE SAW1,2,AND 3 and he laughs his butt of so did I. Then he takes my pictures and stuff up against a wall side shots and front shot lol. So I also asked him"Hey Dr. Koslyn do I have a under bite or overbite?He says that you have a under bite and the reason why it doesn't look so bad is because my braces are holding it together lol. So we are now done and I also ask WILL I HAVE TO WEAR A SPLINT AND HE SAID YES I'M LIKE O NO I HAVE HEARD THE STORIES ABOUT THEM THINGS,MAY I WILL HAVE TO WEAR IT 3-6WEEKS WE WILL HAVE TO SEE HE SAYS. Other than that my FINAL CONSULT WITH HIM IS ON 2/11/13 AND HE TOLD ME AT THAT TIME TO BRING ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS I WANT TO ASK AND TO ALSO HAVE A SECOND PAIR OF EARS TOO. So of course I have my big black book of questions to ask next month. At this point I'm still happy and ready for 2/13/13 to come on. Tomorrow 1/29/13 I go to my reg dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Then after that I'm on chill mode until Next month then we pick up the speed. Night bloggers......


  1. That's really exciting Kristie!
    At my orthodontists the stuff they take the moulds with tastes of bananas! Why would anyone make a dental product that tastes of bananas?! It's just weird.
    Good luck for your next appointment :)

    1. Well Corrinne I wish that it taste like something else other than old Colgate toothpaste lol. Well my next appt with him will be the final when he will really get into my surgery and what he will be doing to me and I can ask all I want yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!