Friday, January 4, 2013

Ortho Visit Today 1/4/13 AND PICS

Today I went to My ORTHO appt he tighten my bottom wires and it hurt so bad it sucks. Dr. Thacker would like to see me again in 2 weeks to put on my surgical wires for my Jaw surgery I sure am not looking forward to that at I hope that does not hurt lol. I go bk to him on 1/18/13 for that then I meet with my oral surgeon on 1/28/13 for him to do a model of my mouth I am so looking forward to this lol. So I also found out today that my surgery will be on 2/13/13 instead of 2/14/13 thats fine with me. I have already packed my bags for the hospital and for my stay at my moms house seeing that I will stay with her for a couple of days until my husband is off from work then I will go back home. Well the next thing for me to do is to find some vitamins and start looking for soups and other food ideas to eat for awhile lol.

Below are just a couple of pics of me now SIMPLY KNOWN AS BRACE FACE BEFORE SURGERY LOL



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