Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feeling Good Today!!!Yay

Well I just wanted to take a pic today. I'm feeling HAPPY today!!! Yesterday I wanted to be normal and I still do but I am more HAPPY today than yesterday lol!!!HOW AM I LOOKING FOLKS???Tuesday is almost here PRAY THAT MY DR. takes off my splint. But other than that it is Sunday and I am Happy!!THANKING GOD for another day!!As you can see in my picture I still cant close my mouth and one pic I show that's how far I can open still not much lol but I ain't gone force it at all!!! I sure cant wait until I can get my wolf looking eyebrows arched and hair did too lol. All in due time I will be free from this house before you know it. I cant believe it is going on 2weeks time goes by fast. It was just yesterday when I was saying it is taking forever for my surgery to get here now its came gone and moved on to the next person how funny huh? Well there is a bright side to this entire JAW SURGERY and I am surely seeing it now!! 


  1. Girl you look great! I am glad things are getting more normal for you and you are right to not rush the recovery process! I cant wait till you are back at work and I can see these results in person! But you truly look great! Dont be worrying about that hair and them eyebrows! LOL!

  2. Hey girl. Rosa and I wanted to tell you that you look great, and we can't wait to see you in person! -Brittany

    1. Awww thanks guys!!! I cant wait till Im 100% healed lol.