Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 5!! And It Just Keeps Getting BETTER !!!

Hello to all!! I am now on week 5!! It as been a journey for me and this ride is far from over.So I have a few updates to give you all for this week.
Monday I saw my orthodontics again they change my wires. I would not let them do too much because I still am sore. I will go back in 4weeks by that time I should be better off to let them put my power chains back on and close the small gap at the bottom of my teeth and I will go back to wearing rubber bands again ughhhh!!! They took my surgical wires off so I am no longer wearing the awful rubber bands that my oral surgeon had me in. My orthodontics loves my new teeth lol.
Tuesday I went to my oral surgeon follow up #5. Again he was so in love with the way things where looking and all he could say was this looks great and how happy he was with the outcome. Still NO chewing until next Wednesday. My stitches are very loose but he said that they are not ready to fall out just yet. I am still on track and that my tissue in my gums/around my stitches look great. He released me back to work next Monday even though I am not ready because of my breathing was still awful and still can not get any sleep. But he said that the more I get out and back to normal it will get better. I meet again with him on April 1st.
Wednesday I had enough so I meet with my reg DR. who gave me a steroid shot,antibiotic's,sudafed,sleeping pills.And told me to return to work on next Wednesdays. Now since he gave me that steroid shot I must say I am feeling little better now. I would prefer to go back to work Wednesday anyway, I think I have gotten spoil with being away from work for so long. I have been gone since 2/13/13 about a month and 7days I guess. Where has my time gone!!! I am just now starting to enjoy this lol.
Thursday which is today I got my hair did. I must say it has me feeling like a million bucks. People have been saying that I do not look that swollen at all. Trust me when I talk I feel puffy inside of my cheeks!! My friends say I look great and different,I have been told I look more like my mom, I have been told my face looks thinner!! I have been told I look so pretty. I must say my support of family and friends has made me feel really good. The biggest support of all is my Husband he has been great to me!! I think that I am looking much better even though I still have months of healing. I feel like something deep inside of me has change too not sure what it is but I know its something good. I have so much more I want to do now with my life!!
I have a father daughter dance that I have to get back to planning for my church. I am so looking forward to that.
O and my face is really starting to clear up folks really!! I am happy about that too. My aunt made me old time remedy of Ginger roots and lemon to drink this helps with arthritis's and inflammation and to also speed up recovery this too could also be wow my swelling in my face is going down faster.


  1. You're looking great! Can see why you've been given lots of pretty compliments! :) x

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