Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Its Been 1 Month TODAY!!!! WOW O WOW

WOW O WOW I cant believe time as flown by so fast. My surgery was 2/13/13. I remember when I was waiting for it to get here now its here and gone bye bye. I must say I am very happy with the way my teeth now look and I wish I would of did the surgery 2yrs ago.

So yesterday I went to my dermatologist to see about my face.Showed her where all the little bumps came around the bottom of my mouth and chin, also how the bottom of my face is very itchy too. Of course she said the surgery did mess with my face. I can not remember all the fancy words she used lol. She did give me a steroid cream to use in the morning only and this other cream at night. She also told me use nothing else on my face but this for 6weeks then we will meet again to see how its looking. The DerMend cream CVS pharmacy had to order it and the cost was $32.00 I also see that it has some arnica oil in it too,so I hope that will help with the swelling in my face. The steroid cream I have is also suppose to help with swelling too. So I just started on both creams today so we will see how this goes.

I also took picture of the vitamins I am still taking everyday. They are liquids except the B-12 it is one that dissolves in your mouth cherry flavor very tasty too. I am 1 month after surgery and I do not have feeling in my bottom lip,chin,roof of my mouth nor gums around my teeth, Everyday I feel tingling in my bottom lip and a burning feeling . Chin itches at times and tingles too. So I'm praying that very soon this will all come back.

My breathing is still awful I wake up kind of crazy with a headache and a little pain in my face. I'm not getting much sleep at night because my nose is so stuffy. It's like know matter how much I blow my nose or use nasal spray nothing helps. Somebody told me it may be from the swelling and that's why I'm still stuffy. All in all I just pray that this is not something that I am stuck with. Because reading every one else's blogs that just had surgery they are doing fine with breathing.

I must say Thanks to GOD for helping me through my entire journey.I know that I complain Lord and it could have been worst but you kept me safe and you watched over me!!

 Thanks to my grandma and aunt who help me in the beginning of my recovery and a SUPER DUPER SHOUT OUT TO MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND he is the greatest waiting on me hand and foot taking care of all my needs!! I truly am blessed to have the worlds greatest husband ever!!

Thanks to all my friends and co-workers who text me daily checking on me and also ready for me to get back to work lol. Miss you folks also. C-YA SOON
Well on that note GOODNIGHT FOLKS!!


  1. Hey Kristie, congrats on being one month out of surgery! Good to hear you were able to get some creams from the dermatologist for your face too. I'm sorry you're still having trouble breathing. Have you tried keeping a humidifier near you while you recover?

    1. Hey chick how are youuuuuuu?!!! I just started back using my humidifier tonight because I felt that it wasn't working but I will use again tonight. THANKS CHICK