Saturday, March 2, 2013

As time moves on ...DAY 18

Hello once again folks!!! It is day 18 time is moving but not fast enough for me. Well quick update on my healing process...I still can not feel my chin nor bottom lip,I am still very stuffy,I am starting to get fed up with the mushy food stuff lol. I still get tired quick when I am getting dressed to go anywhere. Last night I had energy to polish my nails kinda cute huh? Today I had know choice but to leave the house, my hubby took me to Wal-Mart for my eye exam. When I am on the computer or reading, things don't look so clear so I have to squint my eyes so finally the other night I got fed up and set an appointment for today. So I should get my glasses next week. We made a couple stops before going to my appointment and boy I tell ya as I sit in the car I promise ya it looks like everybody is staring at me!!!! For one I still cant close my mouth. When we went into Wal-Mart I was sure to make sure I kept my scarf around my mouth the entire time lmbo as I did not want the entire store giving me odd looks like "Hey why does that girl look like she is ready for war?" Other than that I have been good. The weather down here in the south is very much cold so I like to stay in the house until follow ups. Next week I have 2 appt Monday ortho and Tuesday oral surgeon not really looking forward to getting back in the cold but hey what am I to do? I really will be glad when my mouth will close and I can blow my nose lmbo. I sure cant wait until it warms up. Well I will be back to give another update on next Wednesday to let you know how both appointments went. Did I tell ya I think I did find me something new to add to my eating's "Tuna Fish" sounds good. I'm not really down for blending my foods yuck but if I get desperate enough I might.

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