Saturday, March 30, 2013

!!Week6!! Get Back In The Swing Of Things!!

Day 40 3/24/13
I had energy today I was very HAPPY.I must say I wish I felt as great as I look in my pics. lol
Well I am now 6weeks in post-op!!! I started back to work finally 3/28/13. So how did my first day go??? It went very well. Most of my co-workers that saw me where in shock of my new look. Some said I looked different and that they would have to get used to the new look,some said I look like a entire new woman. All in all I had  great comments and great support from my co-workers which really made my day go very well and fast!! I still do not talk and sound to great to be put back on the phones at this time. I wish I didn't have to go back to work until I could talk better and more swelling was out of my face,but sometimes in life you have to do what you have to do.Going back to work this week felt so odd to me it felt as if I was just starting a new job again lol. I will tell ya it truly made my day to have my co-workers say very nice things about the new me, because while I was away I worried about how people would take in my new look. Which I do know at the end of it all it does not matter what anybody thinks about you but GOD,ME,and MY HUBBY. Having a great support of friends,family and co-workers will make the recovery a lot easier.
At this time there is still know feeling in my chin,bottom lip,gums or roof of my mouth. I am still waiting for my nerves to wake up and say "HELLO". This is my week that my Dr said I could start chewing. Well I was all excited about this for many weeks but now that the day is here I'm to freaking scared to chew or bite anything. My hubby took me to AppleBees tonight well that did not go so well. For one when you cant feel your bottom lip and your teeth are still sensitive it really sucks!!!You feel like the entire restaurant is looking at you eat. I had my little small mirror on the side of me to keep watch just in case something hit my dead chin lol. I did not eat my entire meal it was too hard and I was just paranoid. My husband kept telling me to take my time and be careful. If I had really took my time to eat we would still be there now. So I ask for a go box to finish my food in the privacy of my home. I ordered a "HOT FUDGE SHOOTER" that was fudge and ice cream now I ate all of that it was easy.I'm still not really ready to go out to restaurants yet but hubby really wanted to get me out so what the heck huh??
April 2,2013 I will meet again with my oral surgeon follow up 6 I think. Somehow this week I manage to keep track of my stitches in my mouth then Friday morning I woke up they where gone so I wonder did I swallow them in my sleep???Well whatever I am just glad that they are out and the a Dr. wont have to take them out. I still hope the rest of the swelling in my face is halfway gone before summer time. When I look at my pics I feel like I look like a million bucks but I must say I sure don't feel that way as far as my energy and pain in the face goes. I get very tired if I do too much in one day,I still cant talk to much or my face hurts,I still get pain on the side of my face too. I really did not realize how serious/major this surgery was. Well I know now.


  1. You look so good, K! Congrats on getting back to work. I'm also dreading having to get back. Sorry to hear eating is still tedious, but your hubby is right--take it slow. It's only gonna get better anyway! :) If your face is still in pain, try Traumeel cream. I'm swearing by it, and even thinking of giving it it's own post on my blog. I've found it REALLY relaxes my cheek muscles and pain. Take care!

    1. Thanks Adrienne when do you go back to work? Right now my dr has me on a steroid cream in the morning and a cream call Dermend at night for6wks because my face broke out so badly from surgery so I cant put nothing else on face right now but afterwards if I still hurt I will give it a try THanks for your comment chick!!!

    2. Yeah, I broke out like crazy too. I totally know what you mean. I hope the creams your doc gave you help. I go back to work in the middle of my week 5 (on a Wednesday). Just another 2 weeks. I figured it would help to go back on a Wednesday,so I'm not facing a whole 5 day work week right away. Stay well, hon!

    3. Yes most definitely the creams she gave me are working good. My face had spread so bad that my eyebrow hairs split in the middle so when I finally got eyebrow wax I had to let the lady thin them out smh. Lol but im doing better now I tell ya sometimes when you have surgery for one thing it causes issues for other stuff but we did it and its over!!!!