Monday, March 11, 2013

!!!Day 27 week 4!!!

Hello again nothing new to report. I return for my 5th follow up with my oral surgeon next Tuesday and next Monday I will meet again with my orthodontist. At this time I am still very stuffy I do ok for part of the day and then it is down hill from there. I cant sleep good I wake up in the middle of the night because I can't breathe. I have now taken all my meds the doctor gave me. I do not know what else to do. 
I am still very swollen as you can see in my pictures. When I talk I feel like I have rocks stuck in my cheeks lol. I will be so glad when my face looks normal again. I am ready to see the final results lol. One of my stitches fell out last week I am still waiting for the other stitches to come out. They all are very loose in my mouth and they itch my gums too if that makes any since lol.
My mouth still will not close I know that is because of the swelling my Dr said. I still do not feel my bottom lip or my chin. There is tingling and burning sensation in my lips everyday. I am still only taking liquid vitamin D3-calcium and B complex in hopes to speed up the nerve recovery.
I have an appointment set tomorrow with my dermatologist to see what has happen to my skin on my face. When my face first spread wide from surgery my skin has not been right ever since. There are little fine bumps around my chin and it is itchy sometimes my face feels tight and dry. So I hope that she can help me out with something,because my face was fine before surgery.
Other than that nothing great has took place lol. I will keep you guys posted on my face/skin issue lol
Goodnight !!


  1. I can't imagine how frustrated you must feel right now, but just remember, you're on the up! :) Emma x

    1. Thanks Emma. I am very fustrated with my breathing and my doctor does not really have a time frame of when it will get better smh.

    2. Just keep positive and i'm sure it will soon! You can only go up from here! :) Quick question btw, I know you've been helping me out with my surgery supplies, did you get any creams for your face post-op? x

    3. Hey emma no I did not because I did not think my face would break out. My skin dr gave me a medicated cream yesterday you may need to go to your dr to see what you may need.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is big help for us especially for me having jaw pain it gives me more power how to overcome will,again thank you so much!